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Sep 19 2012

Student Council

Elections are coming up as our students participate in running for student council

May 23 2012

Fifth Grade Honors Day

WHES celebrated the accomplishments of our fifth graders with "Honors Day." Congratulations to all of our fifth graders and best wishes in middle school.

May 21 2012

"Celebrating Good Character"

First Grade presented their program "Celebrating Good Character."

May 17 2012

Field Day

Students from grades K-4 participated in a "Super Hero" Field Day. 5th grade students served as helpers and will enjoy their Field Day next week.

Apr 27 2012

WHES Earth Day Tip #5

According to the EPA, over 380 billion plastic bags are used in the US annually, costing retailers approximately $4 billion. Switching to items such as reusable grocery bags and post-consumer paper bags can reduce the amount of trash heading into landfills by the ton, as well as help the economy. Lets all do our part; for us, for each other, for the earth.

Apr 26 2012

"Celebrating Super Readers"

Second Grade presented their program "Celebrating Super Readers."

Apr 26 2012

WHES Earth Day Tip #4

One 60 watt light bulb can be run for over a day with the amount of energy saved by recycling 1 lb of steel. In 1 year in the United States, the recycling of steel products saves enough energy to heat and light 18 million homes.

Apr 25 2012

WHES Earth Day Tip #3

Consider purchasing post-consumer recycled products. For every 2000 lbs. of post-consumer recycled products we buy, we save: 12 trees Over 1000 lbs of solid waste that would go into a landfill Enough energy to supply a home with 2 months worth of electricity 1200 gallons of water And 390 gallons of oil All used to produce new products. Many of these post consumer items include paper products that we use everyday.

Apr 24 2012

WHES Earth Day Tip #2

Nationwide, artificial lighting consumes about 10% of household electricity usage. Use of new lighting technology, such as CFL bulbs, can reduce the amount of energy it takes to light a home by over 50%. That could be a savings of up to $50 per year. Turning off lights and TV’s not in use can save even more.

Apr 23 2012

WHES Earth Day Tip #1

Each day this week, WHES will be presented with an Earth Day tip. Today's tip: You can save 20-30 gallons of water per week by just turning off the water while brushing your teeth.

Mar 29 2012

"Celebrating Super South Carolinians"

Third Grade presented their program on "Celebrating Super South Carolinians." Check out the photo gallery for more.